Women Helping Women is a support group for refugee and new immigrant women facing challenges through their settlement.

At Refugee Women’s Network, we help women through their settlement by providing sustainable skills to enable them to support their families, to advocate for their children and to support aging family members. These are the same challenges Canadian woman face. We will help assess their language abilities, provide language programs, prepare them for formal education, provide financial support for training and development, and help them become confident, empowered, and self sufficient.

Learning Labs help refugee and new immigrant women learn English in a safe and supportive environment.


To empower women with tools and resources to enhance and develop their skills through education to successfully integrate into Canadian society while still maintaining respective cultural values.


To help refugee women become a vibrant part of Canada’s economic and social development growth.

They are struggling to keep their families together.

According to UN Women, 48% of the world's refugees are women.


Refugees are specifically defined and protected in international law. Refugees are people outside their country of origin because of feared persecution, conflict, violence, or other circumstances that have seriously disturbed public order, and who, as a result, require 'international protection'. Their situation is often so perilous and intolerable, that they cross national borders to seek safety in nearby countries, and thus become internationally recognized as 'refugees' with access to assistance from states, UNHCR, and relevant organizations. They are so recognized precisely because it is too dangerous for them to return home, and they therefore need sanctuary elsewhere. These are people for whom denial of asylum has potentially deadly consequences.

'The fence and the people are woven together into one fabric,' Al Moliya says of his refugee camp experiences. 'Fences are the fabric of our lives.' (Hany Al Moliya)

A refugee woman's role becomes that of the primary caregiver. She needs to be able to provide the basic necessities for her family as they settle and rebuild their lives.


Empowering Refugee and New Immigrant Women  By Helping Them Rebuild Their Lives Through Education.

Refugee Women's Network

Education and Training & Development supports women arriving in Canada with a Professional Degree from their country which is not recognized in Canada.