There are two ways to help. Volunteer your time and knowledge as a  Tutor or Mentor or Donate to supporting our programs. 


Volunteers are an integral part of Refugee Women’s Network. Our programs are volunteer-run, from the Learning Labs, Women Helping Women support groups, to the Education and Training & Development program. Our programs are based in centres across the GTA to accommodate the refugee and new immigrant women spread out across the GTA. We offer our programs in a safe, comfortable environment, and maintaining their cultural values. We want to ensure every refugee and new immigrant woman achieves success in her settlement in Canada. We want them to feel secure, confident, and self sufficient.

We have several opportunities to volunteer:

1. Become a Tutor at our Learning Labs and help women learn English to be able to communicate to advocate for their children with their teacher or to their doctor.
2. Lead a conversational support group with our Women Helping Women program to help with career guidance, school choices, counselling, family issues, and helping them support their children.
3.  Help mentor a woman working towards upgrading her professional skills through a Post Secondary Institution with tutoring and guidance.
Helping women feel empowered gives them to confidence to succeed.

To register, please send your name, contact information and resume to info@refugeewomensnetwork.org 


Our goal at Refugee Women's Network is to help refugees and new immigrant women become settled as confident, empowered members of the Canadian society and maintain their cultural values. Our programs offer women opportunities to overcome the language barrier through the Learning Labs, overcome fear and depression by attending the Women Helping Women support groups, or by upgrading their education at a post-secondary institution.

Your tax deductible donation will help women make changes which will positively affect their lives.

Give $25 and help send one woman to a Learning Lab.

Give $50 and send a woman to the Women Helping Women support group.

Give $100 and provide transportation costs to a woman attending classes at a post-secondary institution.

Give $500 and purchase school supplies for the Learning Lab

​Or please give any amount you choose.

Click the link here and Donate Today.

Donations over $20 are eligible for a tax donation.

Make a contribution today and change the lives of refugee and new immigrant women! 

Help women become supporters of their families.

Help them advocate for their empowerment!

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Help women through their retraining with an Education Grant.

Help them achieve their potential!

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Together we can encourage women to take steps to empower themselves through education and become a part of Canada's economic fabric.